Last week I went to an under water zoo.  I saw giant spider crabs.  They have 8 legs! I also saw penguins, clown fish (or as I like to call them “Nemo fish”).  I saw otters playing in the water, sharks, frogs, chameleons, hmmmm what else? Tons of fish!  Little ones big ones some had weird faces! Some were colourful and  some were grey.  Some looked like they had a bad day.  Hey that rhymes!  And some where really spiky.  I walked through a big tunnel and saw sharks swimming over me!  The glass is the longest aquarium glass ever! It’s in the Guinness World Record book.

Anyway I won’t be able to post a socks video because I can’t fined the device there on):

T.T.Y.L (talk to you later) and Happy Halloween!