An Adventure in the City

I just had an Amazing adventure! My dad and I went for a ride on the metro to pay for schooling. It was really cool, and really hot at the same time. Lol. When the train stopped in Internet City, (where we had to pay for schooling), we couldn’t find our way to the International Academy building. Dad asked tons of people which way to go. A lot of people said it was 2 buildings down. So we had to walk quiet a ways. The bad part was that we had to be there at 19:00 hours and by the time we found the International Academy building, it was already dark. We quickly rushed inside and I collapsed on a couch in the lounge as dad talked to the guard. When we got upstairs, I glanced at the clock and it turns out we got there half an hour early!

After we got that done, dad suggested that we should stop at the Mall Of the Emirates. The Mall Of the Emirates is one of the biggest malls in the world, (at least that’s what dad tells me), it was HUGE! I don’t think we even covered a 3rd of the mall. There were three floors and really long hallways. There was a ski lodge there. It was enormous! There was also a Magic Planet. Magic Planet is kind of like Galaxy Land in Edmonton in the West Edmonton Mall. It was full of video games and cool rides. I don’t think I got any pictures though. There was also tons of food courts and restaurants. Some were really fancy. When we first got into the mall we saw this one purse shop called Prada. Dad said that Prada’s purses are really expensive. Some of their purses cost more than a car, (a nice car not a cheap one). I wanted to take a picture of the front of the shop but the butler at the door wouldn’t let me. Crazy right!? They have a butler at the door! Anyway my favourite place there was one of the candy stores, It’Sugar, but I’m going to write about that on my next blog, so you will read about that later.

Here are some pictures of the mall.


2 responses to “An Adventure in the City”

  1. The mall looks really cool!


  2. Those lego structures are something else! We saw some in Sydney Australia at the aquarium. That mall looks huge.


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