The first 2 days!

If you read my dad’s post, you will remember that we left Canada on a grand adventure! It’s really neat here. When my parents, siblings and I arrived we thought it was unbelievably hot! Turns out it was just the hottest day of the summer, so now it’s not as hot as I thought it would be. It’s still quite hard to breath but not as bad as it was when we got here.

I’ve been researching the currency in the UAE. There are dirham and fils. A dirham is like a dollar only it’s worth 27 cents in Canada. A fil is like a cent in Canada; 100 fils equals 1 dirham.  There are three coins in the UAE: a 25 fils piece, a 50 fils piece and a one dirham piece. There were three other coins (1 fil, 5 fils and 10 fils) but they stopped making those, just like they recently did with the penny in Canada.

I think it was the night we got here, Jaron was in our backyard looking around and he saw a circular lid covering a whole in the patio. Jaron’s a curious little boy so he lifted the lid up and a lizard jumped out and ran up the wall of our backyard. Jaron came screaming back into the house telling us about what he saw. It was pretty funny. The next night I was babysitting Lilli and Jaron while mom dad were out shopping for food. I was moving my desk around when I noticed something squirming in the corner of my room. At first I thought it was a spider but then I noticed its long tail sticking out of the shadow of my desk.  He was super cute….. I made a little house for him out of plastic and styrofoam. He ran in there a bit but then mom and dad came home so we had to put him outside. Before we let him go Lilli named him but I can’t remember what the name was.


I’m having a great time. It’s a lot of fun here. I just hope it cools down a little bit. This is really going to take some getting used to.

5 responses to “The first 2 days!”

  1. Great first post Kirsten. Sorry we couldn’t keep the lizard but there will be others 🙂


  2. Thanks for the post Kirsten, Can’t wait to hear more!


  3. It sounds like you’re having a great time Kristin. I really enjoyed your post 🙂


  4. it’s Kirsten And thank you


  5. Keep,writing Kirsten! It WILL cool down. We have been here over two years and love it! I do not get any lizards in my house 😦


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