Change of plans

After announcing my plans to tackle my first 100 mile ultra I’ve learned a few things. You might be thinking, “has he comes to his senses?” No. Clearly not.

My ultra hero Jeremy Palmer suggested I pick up “Training Essentials for Ultrarunning” by Jason Koop (second edition). I’m 9 chapters in and I realize I’ve got to change my approach a little. Jason has convinced me that my overall fitness is top-priority and my initial “driving principles: long, low-impact workouts with plenty of stretching,” is not quite on the mark. I need to embrace the hard work of high intensity interval training. The change of plans is simply to add the focus of increasing my VO2 Max.

I wish I could go back in time to my peak and get my VO2 Max numbers. I’d then have a benchmark for what was once possible. My watch tells me my current VO2 Max is 45.5. To get an accurate reading you’d need a lab and special equipment. The watch will have to do. I’ve been working on that interval training all month. There has been improvement but that VO2 Max number refuses to budge. Why? The Apple Watch only updates with an outdoor walk, run or hike. I haven’t recorded one of those since October 18th. Don’t judge me. It’s cold out there. It is currently 24 below centigrade and windy. That spells nope.

I did alright in November. My numbers are down from October but this is largely the result of that switch to more interval training. The workouts are not as long. Except when they are.

I’ve converted the work treadmill into a walking desk. Yesterday, I put in 5 and a half hours, and walked nearly 25 kilometres. I highly recommend a walking desk. I’ve found over the last couple months it is well suited to certain types of work; mostly writing reports, emails, creating presentations and the like. So on those rare days when that is the bulk of my schedule I can really get some steps in. My productivity goes way up on the treadmill. I think this is a result of the forced forward motion. I can cruise through the work.

I’ve tried to get some of my staff to try this out. So far with little success. Not everyone’s work is suited to this setup. I avoid meetings or phone calls on the treadmill, unless it’s with staff. I’ll step off to take calls.

I won’t say I am completely happy with my progress. I will say that it is progress and things are taking shape. Slow and steady.

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