Bowron Chain – 2022

Day 3 #highlights – August 3


We were all on the water by about 10:40am. Jaron and Steven and Matt and Vivian were out first. They went looking for wood at the wood lot just past campsite 19. They wouldn’t find any. It was a good thing we brought most of the wood we had left over from the day before. The morning was overcast but we managed to pack up and get going before the rain came.

We had an hour on the water before the rain started. It began with a little shower and I hoped we might escape with just that. Then it really got going. Soon we were all pretty wet. My feet could not stay dry forever. Kirsten and Andrew slowly fell behind. This had me worried for them but it seemed prudent to press on and get camp setup than to double back for them.

Kirsten and Andrew. Kirsten paddling backwards so they could talk… perhaps an indication of why they were always behind.

Robyn and Ted were first to arrive at campsite 21. They got a fire going immediately. When we hit the beach next we got our tarp strung up right away. Matt arrived to setup his tarp with Ted over the fire pit. K&A rolled in sopping wet and cold. It was quite the lesson for these kids. Getting them to keep working and keep moving is not an easy task.

Lilli’s gear was suboptimal. She got chilled but she kept moving and when all was setup she had the grit to throw on her bathing suit and go swimming with me. The water wasn’t too bad. I was able to go under a half dozen times.

Lilli is always making faces for the camera. I’m pretty sure this translates as “WTH- Rain?”

We got K&A situated with their tent and a tarp over that. They squirrelled away in the tent for an hour or so before they rallied and joined the rest of us. The tarps were handy and we all got a warm meal. Several crashed out early but a number of us including Jaron, Steven, K&A, and Matt managed to stay up till the fading light and body heat made it too difficult to continue our game of Phase Ten.

Playing Phase Ten at campsite 21 in the rain.

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