An update from Lilli

Me! A recent picture from our family photo shoot
Me! A recent picture from our family photo shoot

Hi everybody.  It has been a long time since I last wrote.  I thought I’d give everyone an update on how I am doing.  We are still homeschooling.  Most of my classes are online.  I like sleeping in and doing my school work in my PJs… well mom doesn’t usually let me wear my PJs but sometimes I get away with it.  My French class is super duper easy and I don’t have to do it everyday which is kinda lame.  I guess my teachers thought the French class was too easy for me too.  They just skipped me a level – so now I have to start a whole new French course.  I don’t mind though because I like French.

In September I am going to a regular school.  Well, I would not call it regular… There are kids from 53 different countries at this school.  Oh and the school has a pool!  They’ll soon have two pools because they are building a bigger indoor one.  The school is called Scholars International Academy.  I’ll have to take the bus to school but that sounds kind of fun.  We will have to wear a uniform.  I’m not to happy about that but at least I don’t have to worry about what to wear.  I get to take French classes there and Arabic classes!  i’m not sure about the Arabic classes but it might be fun.  Insha ‘Allah.

We play a lot of sports and exercise quite a bit here.  Tomorrow I am competing in a duathlon.  Thankfully I’m not doing the whole thing by myself just the biking part.  My friend Miriam will be doing the running… actually roller blading.  I have to bike 5km! It won’t be too bad though because we do a fun run or bike every month.  I play soccer too – its called football here.  I was the only girl on the team!  My friend Sakina just joined too!  Oh and we go still go to the Epicenter everyday after school.  You can read my brother’s earlier post to learn about the Epicenter – it is pretty awesome.

We do a ton of camping here.  Its is pretty fun to go exploring in the desert.  I like to

One of the little frogs we found.
One of the little frogs we found.

climb the giant sand dunes and ride the boogie board down them.  You do end up with a lot of sand in your pockets though.  We also go looking for swimming holes in Wadis.  Wadis are riverbeds.  Mostly they are dry but dad says when it rains they get really flooded.  Last time we found some orange looking frogs.

Frogs I can handle but we’ve also found scorpions and really ugly spiders.  The scorpion was kind of cool though.

This spider was on our friends tent - it is missing some legs.
This spider was on our friends tent – it is missing some legs.

I am having lots of fun here in the UAE.  There is lots to do and I’ve made quite a few friends.  We are going to Oman again in a couple weeks on a camping trip.  It is our spring break.  I miss all my friends back home.  I hope you are all doing awesome.  Until next time.  TTYL.

3 responses to “An update from Lilli”

  1. Thanks for the update Lilli I really enjoy hearing about your experiences!
    Love Sister Ronald


  2. I miss you lilli! I loved reading your post and am blown away at what a wonderful writer you are! I think homeschooling and your trip to the UAE has been a great life/learning experience for you and your family. I can’t wait to talk to you in person about all your wonderful adventures! We are waiting for our first batch of kittens to be born, Partner is due to have them any day! I hope it is today…. She is round and she waddles!! If you put your hand on her tummy you can feel the babies squirming around, it is very exciting! Talk you you soon! Aunty Robyn


    1. Thanks Aunty. My dad helped me write it. Cool, kittens. has she had them yet? How many did she have? Miss you too.


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