So, it’s been about 3 months but it feels like it’s been a couple years. Although, it is beautiful here! It’s always a clear sky, which means when it’s dark you can see the stars and the moon really well.

Anyways, about 11 weeks ago I went to the “Dreamland Aqua Park” for a youth activity in my church “The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.” There was tons of water slides but I liked the wave pool best.  I found the two islands in the centre of the wave pool a bit dangerous. You never Know when you could just crash right into one of those giant rocks! The pool bar was really cool too. There were picnic tables in a river pool so you could swim in the water while eating. There was a slide there called “The Family Raft Ride” where you can fit five people onto a raft while going down a huge water slide! If you have all five people, you go up the side walls of the water slide, so you really have to hold on. Once when I was on it, my hands where wet, I slipped and almost fell on top of one of my friends, Princess! The funny part is they had a mini zoo there. They had: rabbits, monkeys, donkeys, and deer. I thought that it was a bit weird to see deer in the desert. The best part is how Princess, Marie and Kate (sorry if I’m not spelling them right) and I started singing a funny version of Rudolf the Red Nose Reindeer. It was a lot of fun and I thank the Anderson’s (if you’re reading) for getting me there.

Here are some photos from Dreamland.