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Well for once this may be a short post.  Less to say must mean that we really are beginning to settle in.  Life has taken on a comfortable routine and we can look forward to predictable days.  That sounds horrible but a little continuity can be good too.

We have been enjoying the excellent fitness and “wellness” services offered faculty and staff here at AUS.  The university has hired half a dozen or more young British folks who run the campus wellness centre.  This means Jaron and Lilli participate in Football, Kirsten takes a Hula class and we all enjoy fun events like monthly fun runs and other exciting challenges.  The Wellness Centre also runs the Epicentre, youth centre, that Jaron wrote about earlier.

Just this week Lisa and I are playing in a faculty/staff softball tournament.  We won tonight 13 to 7.  On Saturday I participated in a “Crossfit Challenge.”  Jaron had a good time cheering me on as I did three continuous  sets of “battling rope,” “clean and press” and plyo squats in a race against the clock.  The winner managed the whole thing in just under 4 and a half minutes.  I think my last set of 15 Clean and Press (only 25lbs) took that long.  I kinda felt like puking when I was done and I’m a little sore today.  It was fun though… no really it was.  Jaron was really excited when they gave him a medal for best cheering – hmm I wonder where he gets that from.

The facilities here are great.  The university has an olympic size pool and faculty and staff get free access to it too.  I’ve been working on my front crawl and managed 2 kilometres the other day.  If only I could afford a nice bike there may be a triathlon in my future.

There really is no excuse to be out of shape when working for the American University of Sharjah.  Okay maybe the cheap and extremely accessible fast food (everyone delivers) and the ridiculously cheap Coca Cola.  Yes, those are good excuses… right?