Hi friends and family.  Oh and hi aunty Robyn.  I want to tell you that they call soccer football in the UAE.  My dad signed me up to play football.  There are 2 ginormous soccer fields where we live.  The grass is made of rubber and the dirt is like black plastic seeds.  There is giant lights so you can play at night.

At my first soccer practice we did an obstacle course.  It had these ladders so you had to jump like a frog.  There were poles too that made you jump like a kangaroo.  In the soccer game I fell down a couple times but I got straight back up.  I had fun with a smiling face.  This guy with shin pads fell down and said that his legs were broken.  My dad says that is an advanced soccer move.

Whenever the other team had the ball my teammates would stay behind but I would go and take it from them.  I made a great pass to my teammate.  I got a free kick ball because it went out of bounds.  We almost scored at the last second but the game ended up being a tie.  The referee was counting from 3 to 0 and when he reached 0 the game was over and it was a tie one to one.

I scored the first goal!  Then the other team scored.

Here are some pictures of me playing soccer – oh and a few pool pictures too: