Our new house is totally awesome. We have 5 bathrooms! My dad hates the staircase because it is super long! Luckily, I have my own bedroom:).  Right after I took the video below the shipping company came with the rest of our stuff.  Now my room has way more stuff in it.  It’s really fun when you have not seen something for a long time and when you start to unpack you get to see it again.

There are these weird hose things in each bathroom but I don’t want to say what they are.  The couches are not very soft but we have 3 of them. Jaron got the maid’s room.  I think that makes him our new maid.  There is no grass in the backyard 😦 but dad says they are going to plant some for us.

We’ve already made some friends here.  Today we went to the beach.  It was really hot outside.  The water was very salty and tasted bad.  The salt got in my eyes and up my nose.  It was really painful.  The water was as warm as the air but we still had fun playing in the sand and swimming in the water.  My friends’ dad caught a sea urchin and showed it to us.  It was black and really poky.

After the beach we went to our friends house and jumped in their pool.  The pool water was nicer than the ocean.  We are having lots of fun in our new place.  Tomorrow I start school.  School will be awesome because mom is our teacher.