This blog represents the adventures of the MacDonald Family.  The blog began in September 2012 when we left Canada for the United Arab Emirates.  Our family was established in August of 2002.  We have 3 children and two chorkies (Chihuahua / Yorkshire Terrier cross).  The dogs are a brother and sister named Bonnie and Clyde.

The children are 6 (boy), 9 (girl) and 12 (girl).  You’ll read their posts here under the pseudonyms Dashofdynamite, Frogmatador and Beardom.

A big thank you to Leah Adams Silver (Lisa’s Sister) for creating our avatars.  She is talented and generous with her talent.  Thank you Leah – they are perfect!

The MacDonalds

The Dad – A.K.A. Jrwmacdonald

James' Avatar James is a librarian at the American University of Sharjah.  He enjoys running, cycling, reading and spending time with his super fantastic kids.  He has also married way above himself – but he’s cool with that. It won’t take you long to discover that he is clearly addicted to Coca-Cola.  He justify’s his consumption by running 5k each morning.  He is sure to lose all his hair and grow a big man-gut despite his running.  He clearly also enjoys talking about himself in the third person.

The Mom – A.K.A Crazyhotmama

Lisa' AvatarLisa is an exceptional mother and a super fun person to be around.  She makes everyone feel welcome and loved wherever she goes.  Lisa most recently was studying to be a nurse at the College of New Caledonia in Prince George, BC.  After two years of full-time school she decided it was time to spend more time with her kids – they are only kids once!  She is a talented photographer, can sew up a pretty mean rag quilt and devour a good novel.  She is also extremely charitable – just look who she married.

The Eldest – A.K.A Beardom

Beardom' AvatarBeardom has gone by the nickname bear for so long that we just had to have a username with bear in it.  She is also on her way to being a teenager pretty fast.  Everything is “boring” – so beardom fits pretty well.  Beardom is a budding artist and as it turns out a pretty amazing actress.  She is responsible beyond her years and a big help around the house.  She enjoys reading but also loves a good movie.  Her favourite book and movie at the moment is the Hunger Games.  There has been multiple homemade bows and arrows.  In fact, I’m pretty sure there is a stripped palm tree branch curing in the corner right now.

She is also big into skulls and skeletons.  Her aunt has made her a pretty amazing teddy bear skull out of polished paper-mache as well as drawn her avatar featured on the blog.  Perhaps she’ll share the teddy bear skull in a post sometime.

The Middle Child – A.K.A Frogmatador

Frogmatador's AvatarFrogmatador clearly loves frogs but she is also feisty and theatrical so Frogmatador fits rather well.  She loves to sing and people like to listen to her singing.  She is also creative like her big sister but brings her own edge and style to everything she does.  She takes to book learning like a fish to water and will surely grow into a fine scholar.  Languages come naturally as well: English, French and she is about to take on Arabic.

Frogmatador also loves to swim.  Once in the pool it is really hard to get her out.

The Youngest – A.K.A dashofdynamite

DashofDynamite's AvatarThis little guy is really little.  At nearly 7 he hasn’t quite cracked 3 feet or 35lbs, but that doesn’t stop him from taking on any challenge.  His sisters call him a little monster but when it comes right down to it he is kind hearted, quick to forgive and a great friend to all he meets.  Even if it does appear that he eats his oatmeal with dynamite sprinkled on it.  A true optimist and a lover of life he is often heard to say “this is the best day ever.” He enjoys sports, swimming, lego and video games.  Most of all, though, he enjoys people and good friends just like his mother.

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