James recently started writing again and has been pushing me to get back to it. After all, I have a lot of “spare time” on my hands. My last post was in September 2015 apparently. It is titled, “Rebirth of a Clipper“, you should check it out. We were only back in Canada a year and that was a HUGE project. I started back up with Nursing school again shortly after that post and well…I was pretty busy. So the blogging went on the back burner. I did finish Nursing school in May of 2017 and was able to work for about a year afterward before James started looking for another opportunity to move.

IMG_0677.jpegSo here we are, we’re in Utah now. I can never guess where we’ll end up next. I might as well be throwing darts at a map of the world because that would be about as accurate as any guess I might make. I recall vividly thinking I wouldn’t want to end up in Utah. “Mormon” hub and all. It seemed intimidating. After having the opportunity to visit 2 consecutive summers, the thought of moving here seemed much more exciting. Its been almost a year now in the State, though only 7 months in our first American home. I love the area we are in. It’s still developing but everything seems to be designed to encourage interaction between neighbours. Most houses have some sort of paseo that connects the front yards as well as communal firepits and parks in every corner. Then there are the people. They are friendly and talkative. This combination is the perfect recipe for fast friendships.

James has felt all these moves have been in most part a benefit for the kids and I can’t disagree. The move to the Middle East from Canada got our family back on track and helped us to focus on what is important to each of us. Moving back to Canada was an opportunity for the kids to see the family they hadn’t seen in 2 years and for Kirsten to really blossom in her art, something she just wasn’t getting overseas. Utah has been about Lilli. She has met “her people” here in the school theatre department. It has been awesome to see the success she has accomplished in this move. Jaron is trying to figure out his niche in Junior Highschool. He has some time yet before his dad gets the “itch” to find something new and then we’ll be off somewhere…wherever Jaron needs to be.