The birds

There are lots of different birds here. Some have long legs like the Crab Plover. And some have funny tails like the Bridled Tern. Some are big like a Flamingo. We think the blue feather at the bottom of this page is from an Indian Roller. The picture of the bird with the crazy long beak is called the Eurasian Hoopoe.  The picture below does’t show it but he has a crazy mow-hawk.  There are great pictures of the mow-hawk at the link in this post.  Some have lots of cool colours. Some are small like the Little Owl. Some have long beaks like the Pied Avocet. Some have huge wings like a Northern Lapwing. Some like to swim like the Whooper swan. There are lots more birds:) They’re all pretty awesome.  We haven’t seen all of these but we have seen a ton.  It is really hard to take pictures of birds.  The University is a great place for bird watching.


On another note, I started to do this tv show called Cooking with Socks (Socks is a sock monkey). I  interviewed him and the video is at the bottom of the page. I’ve done 7 episodes so far. I’m planing on posting one every blog post I do! He’s always doing something wrong but fixes it in the end.

4 responses to “The birds”

  1. Those Eurasian Hoopoe’s have been the most fun! I wish we knew which one sounded like a monkey.


  2. Good job lilli I like socks he is cute and your silly frog interviewer, can’t wait for more:)


  3. […] wrote a great post about the birds here.  They are forever “singing.”  One in particular sounds like what you might […]


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